Used Cars & Vans Scotland

Caledonian Motor Company have been helping people and businesses when searching for 'used cars Scotland'. With 100's of customers throughout Scotland you've found the right place for used car and van sales.

We source our cars / vans from all various places all over Scotland including companies, finance houses and more.

Our main depot is in Larbert where the majority of our stock is held but since we acquire our vehicles from various locations we do have cars and vans all over Scotland. If the car or van is in Larbert we offer 2 options to view:

Option 1 - You can come to Larbert and view the vehicle. If you need assistance getting to our depot we can assist with collecting you from the airport or station. If the vehicle is not as described we will refund your deposit. We are 100% confident in our service and our vans that you will be happy. After all our customers are the ones telling us "Our vehicles are like they bought them new"

Option 2 - We can deliver the vehicle to you for free. Once again if it doesn't match our description we'll take it back.

Used vehicles Scotland

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